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Classes Offered At Turning Point

Information On Where to Learn New skills In Life

Often we need to learn new life skills. Turning Point is a place to learn new skills to better our lives through Faith-based principles. Learning is the most powerful gift you can give yourself and one you can share to help those around you. Use this blessing to better your life and those you touch today!


Getting Our Hearts Right - 3 Keys to Better Relationships

Despite our best efforts and intentions, we bump into conflict regularly. How can we heal these conflicts? The lesson teaches the knowledge and skills needed to effectively and fairly address conflict.

The Personal Journey

This program is offered as a 6 session series that teaches how to journal about positive experiences from your past and how those experiences can influence a positive future.

Managing Stress

This lesson teaches ways to turn your stresses into growth and your challenges into blessings.

Where Does My Money Go?

This program is designed to help consumers better understand how they spend their money. Topics include:

Wants vs Needs
Tracking Expenses
Creating a Spending Plan
Creating a Savings Plan

Nutrition Class

This class teaches truth about different foods and ingredients found in them. It also teaches:

Proper Eating Suggestions
Food Safety
Healthy Snack Options
Physical Activity
Food Groups
Serving Recommendations

ACT: Raising Safe Kids

During this program parents and/or caregivers gain insight on:

Why Kids Misbehave
How to Model Positive Behavior
Manage Anger
How to Manage Positive Conflict Resolution
Age Appropriate Discipline
Effects of Media
How to Reduce Negative media Influences